Wednesday, 27 June 2007


After the foul weather of the last two days these swifts were taking full advantage of a sunny, warm windy evening at cayton carrs sewage works last evening. A fantastic aerial display from up to 50 birds, frantically feeding before the next weather front arrives. Identification of rare swifts can be a problem, a range of form and colour in this one species is quite evident. Notice the full crops on some of these birds.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Grass Stem

Garden Warbler

I heard the chack alarm call in a small overgrown copse and briefly saw the adult bird with food dissappear quickly. I took these images to give an impression of how skulking this bird is. It really is a plain bird but that white eyebrow, cream throat and blue grey legs make it one of my favourites. Once again, dull with heavy showers, not ideal for photography. All photos taken near ravenscar.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Grey wagtail

Away from the dark banks where the kingfishers preen, grey wagtail young spend time sunning themselves. The adults still feeding them, catching insects from the swollen river surface.


The usual sighting of this bird is a flash of blue down the river at high speed. However, if you sit and wait and have luck on your side, this azure gem comes to rest and the colours explode when the light catches it in its favourite haunt within the tangled roots of a shaded bank.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Great White Egret

A quick trip to Tophill Low reserve near Driffield to see this bird. Opened the hide shutter and there it was, elegant and docile after eating a large carp!

House Sparrow and Linnet

The final two birds in this sequence. House Sparrows frequent the bottom and along with the Linnet the scrubby areas of gorze, rosa rugosa and rocky edges. House sparrows are scarce here but Linnets thrive. Looking forward to the next visit, soon!


Meadow and Rock pipit are common enough all along this area, meadow more so than darker, larger rock pipit. So difficult at times to approach in the open habitat they prefer.


The alarm call of this bird is so characteristic, just knock two stones together, perfect! I love how bright and bold these small birds are, perched on top of gorze or a rock fits them perfectly.


Perfect nesting conditions and an abundance of food create ideal habitat for this early summer visitor. I love seeing the new arrivals in spring, one of my favourites.


Croaking and tumbling over the cliff tops is indeed a sight to see, always on the look out for food, Ravens are in charge of these wild cliffs.

Red Kite

What an inspiring magical bird, having lived near them for many years i still get that surge of excitment every time i see them. They hunt and play along the coastal edge in their effortless way.


Usually heard before being seen, not so easy to get a great shot this time, always looking into the sun. A special bird of the cliff, feeding on short turf created by sheep, most birds you see now are ringed.